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What is the first thing I should do after I install the program?
Last Updated 7 years ago

It is highly recommended that you read the user guides that are available both within the program in the Help screen, and also on the website at
You only need to read one or the other, however the website user guides are always the most current versions and may contain additional information that is not contained in the built in user guides.

The user guides are not terribly huge and do provide a lot of information about the basics of the program. They will help you to become familiar with the program more quickly.

Once you have read the user guides you should create an example book and try things out to become familiar with the functioning of the program. When you have finished trying things out you can create your real book. There is no restriction on the number of books that you can have so there is no harm keeping the example book to try things out in the future.

It is also worthwhile to search this knowledge base if you are trying to find out about something. If you cannot find the answer in the user guide or the knowledge base then raise a ticket with the details of your question and we will be happy to answer you directly.

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