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Bookkeeping version 3 had an orders facility. Where is this in Bookkeeping Pro?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The "Orders" screen in Bookkeeping version 3 was renamed to "RFQs" in Bookkeeping Pro. It is essentially the same screen though.
The workflow is to raise an RFQ that is submitted to a Supplier (this is a pending purchase in Bookkeeping).
Then when the Quote is received from the Supplier you can convert the RFQ into a purchase and then generate the purchase order document based on the purchase.
In Bookkeeping version 3 both the order screen and the purchase screen generated a purchase order document. In Bookkeeping Pro the RFQ screen generates a "Request for Quotation" and the Purchase screen generates a "Purchase Order".
You can customise the titles of these in the book settings if you want different titles. There are separate settings for the RFQ and the Purchase Order.

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