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I upgraded from Bookkeeping version 3 to Bookkeeping Pro and now I can't find the restore function, where is it?
Last Updated 7 years ago

In Bookkeeping version 3 the procedure to restore a book was to create an empty book and then restore a backup into that book.
This procedure is different in Bookkeeping Pro and Bookkeeping Standard. In Bookkeeping Pro and Standard you can restore a backup of a book without first creating an empty book. In fact it is not possible to restore into an existing book in Bookkeeping Pro and Standard. As such the restore function is no longer accessed from within a book but rather it is a button on the toolbar on the Books List screen.
You can also restore a backup of a book into Bookkeeping Pro and Standard by using the "Open with..." function available on iOS devices. Simply open the backup file in the Dropbox app and select "Open with Bookkeeping Pro", or in the mail program tap on the attached backup file and select "Open with Bookkeeping Pro".

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