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Is there example books that I can use?
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Over the years we have found that small business are very varied and what works for one business does not necessarily work for another business. Not only are small businesses varied but also people like, or feel comfortable, doing things different ways. And what is required is different in different countries. As such we don't have demo data. Instead we suggest that you create a test book to try things in. You are not restricted to a single book so there is no problem having several books with one or more test books.

Have a look through the user guides as well. They are loaded in the help section of the app but are also available on the website and can also be downloaded in PDF form from the website. They cover the basics of using the program and setting it up. They are on the website at:

Most people have already been using other bookkeeping apps so they use their existing chart of accounts to set up the accounts that they need. If not then you can use the accounts listed on your last balance sheet and profit and loss statement that your accountant prepared for your tax returns. If you are starting a new business then I would suggest either contacting your accountant for an example for your type of business or a trade association that you belong to, or even others you know in the industry.

You would generally set up the initial chart of accounts first (the assets, liabilities, revenue, expense accounts etc) as a basis and then add to them as needs arise while operating your business. If you are going to use the inventory section (either for products or for services) then you would set that up next. Then you can start entering sales and purchases as required.

When entering sales remember that you put the details (prices and quantities etc) in line items on the sale. Some people do not immediately realise this when first using the program. The line items for the sale are at the bottom of the sale screen. Also remember to select the appropriate revenue account for each line item on the sale. The revenue account is the account that you want to record the revenue/income in for that line item.

The program makes a clear distinction between selling something (sales) and receiving payment from someone for sales (receipts). The two may occur at the same time or at different times. Likewise the program makes a clear distinction between buying something (purchases) and paying for it (payments). Again the two may occur at the same time or at different times (e.g. if you have store credit and pay the bill monthly).

You don't need accounting knowledge to use the program but you do need some basic bookkeeping knowledge to get the most out of the program. There is a good introductory tutorial on the internet at:

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