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Why do I need to have different prefixes on counters for each device?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Each device needs to have different prefixes otherwise the same numbers will be generated on different devices, which would not be good as you would, for example, end up with the same invoice number generated by different devices.
There is no way to coordinate the allocation of numbers between devices and therefore each device must use a different number range.
If you want to set up your devices with no prefix then you will need to set the number range itself to be different on each device.
e.g. starting at 100001 on one device and 190001 on another device. That will only give you a range of 90000 numbers which may be enough for you depending on how many transactions you generate.

The Book Counters are found from the Option menu on the Book Details screen in the book.
Select "View Book Counters" from the option menu.

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