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Is the sync in the background. Or do both devices sync regardless of the apps status?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Sync only occurs in the foreground (i.e. when the app is displayed). It will not sync if the device is locked either. However sync itself is occurring as a background task while the app is open.
If there is a lot of sync activity going on in the background then you may notice the app is slower than normal. This is especially the case when syncing data for a book that was restored on another device.
In the future may look into the possibility of background syncing when the app is in the background however Apple places some pretty stringent requirements on background processing. Syncing is pretty intensive since it is doing file transfers and then database processing. It would potentially slow down everything else that was running on the device if it was syncing in the background. Therefore at this time sync only runs when the Bookkeeping app is open and in the foreground.

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