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What do I do when I get a transaction log missing error message?
Last Updated 7 years ago

If you receive a synchronisation error message saying that synchronisation cannot continue until missing transaction logs are received from a particular device then please try the following steps.
1. Open Bookkeeping on the device that the error message says the missing logs come from. (The About screen in Bookkeeping shows the device identifier)
2. Select "App Settings" on the toolbar
3. Select "Advanced" from the list
4. Select "Close Program"
5. Open the Bookkeeping program again and if you are prompted to recover from a crash then select "Recover".
6. Press the "Sync Now" button on the toolbar.
7. When the sync has finished go to the other device and press the "Sync Now" button to see if the synchronisation now has all of the required log files.
If this procedure does not resolve the problem then contact support for further assistance.

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