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When I list purchases and payments it only displays some records, why is this?
Last Updated 7 years ago

In Bookkeeping4 all of the lists only show a limited number of records. This is because the more records shown the slower the program becomes and the more memory that is used. In books with many thousands of records this becomes very important as showing all records every time would slow down the program significantly and also cause the device to run out of memory. It would also become impractical to use as scrolling through tens of thousands of records looking for one particular record would be time consuming.
You can still find any record you want by entering search criteria into the search bar at the top of list screens. The search will search all records, not just the records shown in the list.
In the App Settings in the "Searching" section you can set the number of records that are shown on lists. You can choose between 100, 200, 500, or 1000.
You can also use the global search facility to find records. This is accessed from the "Search" screen which is accessed from the main menu.
Most lists are sorted so that the most recent records appear at the top of the list. These are the records that are most often accessed.

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