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How do I get multiple lines on my invoice line items?
Last Updated 7 years ago

There is no limit to the length of a line description that you enter into a sale for presentation on the invoice or quotation. When the invoice or quotation is rendered any text that is too long to fit on a single line will be wrapped onto subsequent lines until all the text is displayed. If you wish to have an explicit separate line on a PDF invoice then you can enter a sale line item with no revenue account specified. When you do this the description is rendered on the PDF invoice but the other fields (unit price etc.) are not rendered.

Next to the Line Description field is a small blue "txt" button. If you press this button you will be shown a screen where you can enter multiple lines of text for the line item. These lines of text will be formatted on the invoice as typed. However if a line is too long to fit in the available space on the invoice then it will be wrapped onto the next line.

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