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How do I set up rules for auto matching?
Last Updated 7 years ago

1. In the Bank Reconciliation Items screen press the "Auto Match" button on the toolbar.
2. On the Auto Match screen tap a bank transaction line to select it, then press the "+" button at the top right of the screen.
3. Enter a description for the rule.
4. Adjust the "Match Bank Transaction Description", "Match Bank Transaction Identifier", and "Match Bank Transaction Reference" fields to contain the information that will be matched each time. You can clear fields that you don't want considered in the match. You can also put an "*" at the end of a line to tell the program to match anything starting with the specified value.
5. Select the Rule Type of General Journal, Purchase, or Sale
6. Select the Rule Action of Create or Match. Create will create a new entry when it is matched.
7. Turn on the "Use" switches for the fields that you want to be concatenated into the description in the entry that is created. e.g. "Use Bank Description" will create a purchase with a description containing the contents of the bank description field on the bank transaction record.
8. Specify the Revenue/Expense account
9. Specify the Vendor/Customer for the Purchase/Sale
10. Specify the sales tax code if necessary.
If you want to see the existing rules, and edit them, then press the "Match Rules" button on the toolbar when in the "Auto Match" screen.

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