Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use the general journal?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The general journal should only be used when there is no other screen within the program that can perform the function that you require. The general journal allows you to enter any double entry bookkeeping transaction.

There are many other screens within the program that simplify many of the common bookkeeping tasks and make it unnecessary to use the general journal directly in most situations. Using these other screens where possible will save you a huge amount of time and reduce the number of bookkeeping mistakes that you might possibly make. The other screens save you from needing to know what is a debit or a credit and simplify selecting the correct account in many cases by only showing the relevant accounts.

In contrast the general journal allows you to select any account and requires that you select the correct debit and credit account. The general journal expects that you have a more detailed knowledge of bookkeeping whereas the other screens only assume that you have a basic understanding of bookkeeping.

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