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How much memory do I need to run Bookkeeping?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The Bookkeeping program is optimised as much as possible to use the least amount of memory while maintaining an adequate level of performance. It is always a balancing act between memory use and performance and we need to find a middle ground.

There are two types of memory in the iPad. There is the storage memory that Apple quotes (e.g. 16GB) and then there is the RAM that is used to run the programs on the device; which Apple does not publish figures for.

The size of free storage required on your device should not be an issue as even a very large book will consume less than 1GB of storage space. However the RAM available is very important to the operation of the Bookkeeping program and therefore the more RAM that is available the better it is for the program.

Below is a list of various Apple devices and how much RAM they may have. These figures are from geekbench.
iPad 2nd gen 512MB RAM
iPad 3rd gen 1024MB RAM
iPad 4th gen 1024MB RAM
iPad mini 512MB RAM

iPhone 3G 128MB RAM
iPhone 3GS 256MB RAM
iPhone 4 512MB RAM
iPhone 4S 512MB RAM
iPhone 5 1024MB RAM

To make more RAM available you can close other programs from the running tasks list on the device.
Powering off your device and powering it on again also frees up the most available memory.

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