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What is the new Native PDF Engine?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Bookkeeping Pro and Bookkeeping Standard has introduced a new PDF engine for generating invoices, quotes, orders, rfqs, and reports. The old PDF engine that was used in Bookkeeping version 3 is still in the program for those that want to continue using it.
The new PDF engine is capable of supporting any font that is installed on the iOS device and therefore is capable of generating PDF documents for many more languages including asian languages. The old PDF engine was only capable of generating PDF documents for languages that were based on the latin character sets and cyrillic fonts (e.g. English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Romanian, Russian, etc).
The setting for whether the new PDF engine is used is contained in the PDF Settings page of the App Settings.
The switch "Use Native PDF Engine" must be turned on to use the new PDF engine.
In Bookkeeping Pro and Standard versions 4.0.3 and above the new PDF engine is the default PDF engine however in prior versions the default was the old PDF engine. If you had installed the prior versions then you might still be using the older PDF engine. You can check which PDF engine you are using in the App Settings and change it to your desired setting.

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