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How do I use the "Taxable Payments Reporting for the Building and Construction Industry" facilities
Last Updated 7 years ago

Each customer has a switch called "Report Receipts" that can be turned on or off to include the customer in reporting.
Each supplier has a switch called "Report Payments" that can be turned on or off to include the supplier in reporting.
The following reports include a switch called "Reportable Only" and another called "Include Details":
Sales Statement
Purchases Statement
Receipts Statement
Payments Statement
By turning ON the "Reportable Only" switch the report will only generate for customers or suppliers who have the "Report Receipts" or "Report Payments" switch turned ON.
By turning ON the "Include Details" switch the Customer or Supplier details like name, address, business number, and telephone number will be included on the report.
These reports can be used to help complete your "Taxable Payments Reporting" requirements.

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