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How do I upgrade from Bookkeeping to Bookkeeping Pro?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The first step in upgrading is to purchase Bookkeeping Pro.

Bookkeeping Pro is the direct replacement for the old Bookkeeping version 3 program.
There is a detailed comparison table on the website that explains the differences between the editions.

This is accessible at

Once you have installed Bookkeeping Pro you should open each of your books in Bookkeeping version 3 and email a backup of the book to your own email account.

Then open Bookkeeping Pro to make sure it is running and displays the books list screen (the first screen).

Then open the mail program on your device and tell the mail program to open the attached backup file with Bookkeeping Pro.

When you open a backup file with Bookkeeping Pro it will restore the backup file into the program.
If you prefer to use Dropbox instead then you can backup from Bookkeeping version 3 to Dropbox. Then open the Dropbox app on your device and tell Dropbox to open the file with Bookkeeping Pro.

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