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How do I adjust an existing sale (for example because the customer returned an item)?
Last Updated 7 years ago

It is not generally a good idea to modify a sale once the invoice has been issued to the customer or a payment has been received for the invoice. Instead you should create an adjustment invoice to process the changes to the original invoice.

An adjustment is created by opening the original sale and selecting the option button and then selecting the "Create Adjustment" option. This will create an adjustment invoice that you can use to make changes to the original invoice. Once the adjustment is complete you can press the option button on the adjustment screen and select "View Adjustment". While viewing the adjustment you can email or print the adjustment for the customer.

You can find any adjustments later on the "Adjustments" screen. Adjustments are always listed on this screen with a reference to the original sale.

You can also save time by going directly to the "Adjustments" screen and pressing the "+" button to create a new adjustment. Then select the original sale and fill out the adjustment as per normal.

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