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Can I attach a PDF document to a sale record in Bookkeeping?
Last Updated 7 years ago

It is not possible to attach a PDF document directly to a sale record in Bookkeeping as doing so would significantly increase the size of backups and adversely affect the synchronisation process due to the potential size of the PDF documents.
However if you have an Evernote account, or similar service, then you can store your PDF file in Evernote and tag it with the sale number in Bookkeeping. You can also put a note on the sale in Bookkeeping in the notes field to tell you where you have stored the PDF file.
The benefit of using a service such as Evernote is that your PDF will become searchable within the Evernote service.
On our list of "nice to haves" is some direct integration with Evernote. We will be looking into this at some time in the future.

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